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Using IMAGO therapy to
heal and recreate your
loving partnership

IMAGO therapy is a lifestyle change that provides lasting results in any relationship for partners, in any stage of development, who are motivated to heal and grow together. I am here to offer you over twenty years of experience in the counseling field helping individuals, couples and groups to achieve lasting change and growth with unlimited possibilities.  This groundbreaking course produces amazing results for couples, and I am excited to bring it to YOU! Click here for more information about this seminar!


This weekend seminar is designed to help individuals break through emotional blocks that are based on their core self limiting beliefs.  Achieve greater personal and professional success, create deeper meaning in your life, achieve greater effectiveness in communicating with others and experience an enhanced level of personal self esteem.
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This is a closed group for people who wish to learn more about themselves and how they interact socially with others.  This group offers techniques that create lasting change with social anxiety. Click here for more information about this therapeutic group.

               (inspired by book by Spiritual Teacher Neal Donald Walsh)

This weekend seminar will help you learn how to find lasting peace no matter what transitions you are going through.....and life itself IS transition! This seminar takes a spiritual look at your souls journey through this physical experience.


   (inspired by the book by Ezra Bayda)

Learn to experience a true and lasting sense of joy and inner peace that comes from a place deep within your soulful self!

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other upcoming groups and workshops:

  • "Breaking Through" ongoing maintenance group
  • Imago theory and couples healing together
  • Preventing and getting through postpartum depression
  • Bereavement and grief support

                                               ..........and more to come!

I do frequently offer free screening for postpartum depression. Please check back for an exact dates or contact me for an appointment.  Babies welcome!!

Kelly Hill 303-834-0394

I will have many more exciting classes and workshops during the upcoming seasons. Please check back for more information!!
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