Kelly Hill, M.A.  Psychotherapist - 303-834-0394

Using IMAGO therapy to
heal and recreate your
loving partnership

IMAGO therapy is a lifestyle change that provides lasting results in any relationship for partners, in any stage of development, who are motivated to heal and grow together.   I am here to offer you over twenty years of experience in the counseling field helping individuals, couples and groups to achieve lasting change and growth with unlimited possibilities.  This groundbreaking course produces amazing results for couples, and I am excited to bring it to YOU!

This is a ten week course which includes both a group and an individual component.  Classes begin throughout the year. Sessions are two hours long, meet in the evening, and the course includes a manual, unlimited phone and email access for additional support, and an additional six follow up sessions tailored to meet your specific relationship needs.   

Anyone can benefit from this course weather your relationship is in peril or you are just wanting to grow together and develop more intimacy.  This course is covered by a flat rate fee and offers a discount for up front payment as well as for referring other couples. 

Please leave a voicemail at Life Empowerment Center at 303-834-0394 to set up a free 30 minute pre-course consultation.  Specify your interest in RELATIONSHIP REVOLUTION and I will contact you promptly.  Please click here for additional information.

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